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The current Board of Directors were elected to serve the year 2020. The contact information of Directors can be found on the HOA website.

THE HOA exists to protect the value of your personal residence. The Deed Restrictions were established to govern the quality of the neighborhood and prohibit certain practices that degrade the value and beauty of the Plantation subdivision. The Deed Restrictions are published at There were very few violators that required legal enforcement actions.

The HOA issued approximately 20 estoppel letters confirming the payment of annual HOA dues by selling homeowners. The Architectural review committee approved 7 architectural review applications to alter the physical real estate. The subject applications included new roofs, exterior painting, fences, swimming pools, etc.

The HOA billing rate of $110.00 was established for the calendar year 2020.

We appreciate the response in February by the HOA Board and Plantation residents in rejecting the application of O’Reilly Auto Parts to make Forest Meadow Avenue [subdivision entrance] a major commercial right of way. The O’Reilly plan was revised in August eliminating the Forest Meadow Avenue entrance to the store.

Resident safety remains a top priority of the HOA. The HOA entered into an agreement with the City of Lake City in January 2019 to upgrade 38 street lights to the modern globes and LED lighting fixtures, stop bar intersection stripping, and installation of weatherproof disconnects on all post lights. This work is currently underway. The 14 nonworking street lights are being addressed.

The improved lighting at the mailboxes remains a priority. There have been discussions with the City Public Works director and FPL representatives. There have been no definitive plans established but it will be a 2020 priority.

New single home construction of two homes have begun along Forest Meadow Avenue. More new homes are planned. The HOA has been in communication with the City of Lake City on approval of building plans meeting published Deed Restrictions.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.   


By Bruce Naylor on behalf of The Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association

November 2019